Everybody has been curious to see Shah Rukh Khan on the big screen. While the actor was off the screen for very long, Coronavirus made sure to dash our hopes further. There have now been months of speculation about which film is King Khan signing next. 

Fans finally got a chance to bombard the actor about his next film. The actor held an #AskSRK session on Twitter, to which there was an overwhelming response. The actor answered as many questions as he could and the majority pertained to his future films. 

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan chooses Raju Hirani on #AskSRK

Fans have been looking forward to Shah Rukh Khan's next film for over a year now and it's safe to say they've reached their limit with the speculation surrounding his films. How better to confirm than ask the man himself. 

Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter earlier today to interact with fans on #AskSRK. Even though they tried to keep it short, Bollywood's King Khan answered enough questions to placate the fans' overwhelming curiosity. 

It started with simple avoiding when a fan said, "You've probably read enough scripts by now. Now sign one at least." The actor put his quick wit in action and responded, "Dude I'll sign....But, who's going to shoot now!!" 

When that didn't work another hopeful took a more direct approach, "Keep letting us know whether you are doing films with Raju Hirani, Atlee and Siddharth Anand." The actor didn't even blink, "Is it alright if I can forward the scripts to you also. Don't stress will do lots of films my man."

The next fan had no chill, "When will you announce your next...Tired of rumours...And analyzing your next by looking at your looks in videos and guessing the film you're doing." Shah Rukh Khan sympathised with his fan, "Don't tire yourself. It's obvious I will do some films...It's obvious they will be made...And it's obvious you all will know."

Another fan tried to put pressure on the actor, "Sir, Aamir is releasing Laal Singh, Salman is releasing Radhe. Akshay is releasing many movies and you, excuses. Why?" Shah Rukh Khan tried to share his grief with the curious cat, "Friend, this, after you...after you, business is costing me heavily...What do I do?" 

Another fan tried to ask for some motivation, "What is one message you would give to your fans who are waiting for your next film?" Shah Rukh Khan turned deep, "The fruit of patience is sweet...Mostly." 

When we were going to give up a fan actually got a breakthrough, "Which director would you love to work with? Martin Scorsese or Chris Nolan?" Shah Rukh Khan thinking couldn't help but answer, "Wow both are awesome and I have met them...But Raju feels like our own, doesn't he?" 

Somebody should give this fan a medal, for doing what all the media houses and all the fans weren't able to do.