Rajinikanth is one such superstar who is an epitome of the saying "Rags to Riches." The veteran actor, who is set to appear on the big screen with "Kabali," has a number of popular quotes that are likely to be inspiring in the real-life scenario.

Apart from his blockbuster hits, Rajinikanth is also known for his famous quotes and off-screen dialogues that make him the "Thalaiva" that he is popularly known as. Although the 65-year-old actor's movie dialogues are forever-epic, he has a list of real-life punch lines which are equally powerful.

Check out some of the best quotes of Rajinikanth in English here:

God gives a lot of things to bad people but he will let them fail eventually. God tests good people a lot but he will never let them down.

 You won't get anything without hard work. What you get without hard work will never fructify.

 Whether you have a Maruti or a BMW, the road remains the same. Whether you travel economy class or business, your destination doesn't change. Whether you have a Titan or a Rolex, the time is the same. There is nothing wrong in dreaming a luxurious life. What needs to be taken care of is not let need become greed. Because needs can always be met, but greed can never be fulfilled.

 I cannot be an ordinary man, move around like people do, go out eat in a restaurant or take a walk. Perhaps, this is what I have lost.

 When desire ends, peach begins.

 God is as powerful as your faith in Him.

 If an ordinary bus conductor can stand on the same stage as India's legends, then yes, miracles do happen.

 If the food you eat stays in your body, your health will get spoilt. If the money you make stays in your pockets, your life will get spoilt.

 I will die poor but not as a coward.

 A greedy man and an angry woman have never lived prosperously.

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