Rajinikanth's Remuneration
Rajinikanth.PR Handout

Rajinikanth is the highest-paid actor in South India. Thanks to his ever-growing fan following, the actor has commanded huge paycheques for decades now. Now, a rare video of the Tamil superstar speaking about his remuneration is doing rounds online in which he is defending himself over receiving big amounts as salaries.

At the success meet of his blockbuster movie Annamalai, 27 years ago, Rajinikanth reacts to the the complain arising from a section of industry over his huge remuneration.

Defending himself, Rajini said, "I am told that I am asking huge paycheck. If I am demanding a hefty remuneration it is because I know my market. If you suffer losses I would definitely compensate for the loss. If you get profit, please don't share it with me, but please let me honestly know how much you made which will make me happy,"

"If you are sincere I will also be honest, if you are not fair, I won't say anything," he ended his speech with a message to the people from his fraternity. The original video is now available on the YouTube page of Kavithalayaa Productions, which belonged to Rajini's late mentor K Balachander.

Annamalai, directed by Suresh Krishna, was produced by Kavithalayaa Productions. 

Interestingly, Rajinikanth has kept his word when his movies failed to recover the investment. After his Baba bombed at the box office, he compensated the distributors for the losses. Also, he had extended his helping hand after Kuselan did not live up to the expectations of the trade.

Meanwhile, at the age of 69, Rajinikanth continues to get exciting offers and the actor is paid astronomical figures as remuneration. Currently, he is working with AR Murugadoss in Darbar.