When the entire film fraternity is grieving over the death of India's original superstar Rajesh Khanna, and his fans are yet to get over the loss, dispute over the actor's property worth billions has surfaced.

Anita Advani. Image: (facebook)

The veteran actor passed away on June 18, leaving behind a legacy of more than Rs. 2 billion. He owned a gigantic sea-facing bungalow "Aashirwad" located on carter road in Mumbai.

On Tuesday, Kaka's live-in-partner, Anita Advani, who claims that she discharged all the duties of a wife and shared the household for nearly a decade, sent a legal notice to his family demanding alimony. Sadly, the property dispute started just hours after the actor's demise.

A legal notice was sent to Khanna's family on Tuesday demanding compensation.

"I am asking for compensation because they stripped me of everything. My man is gone and I am left with nothing," Advani told TOI.

"I am not interested in Aashirwad. I just want it to be converted into a museum as that was Rajesh Khanna's dream. I want to ask them (his family) where were they when he needed them," she added. "I looked after him all these years. I lived in that house, took care of him and all his needs."

Advani was reportedly hurt and irked by both Khanna and his family's attitude towards her. She took the decision of sending a legal notice after Kaka's son-in-law Akshay apparently asked her to "get off" the hearse vehicle carrying the actor's body to the crematorium.

Moreover, according to the recent claims by the aforementioned ladylove of Kaka, she lived with him in his house and took care of him for eight-long-years but her relation with the Khannas worsen over the last one month. She claimed that the family was trying to oust her from his (Rajesh Khanna) house and even the actor stopped talking to her.

"He (Rajesh Khanna) had started pushing me away. There were days where he didn't even want to speak to his own family. They began isolating me, and I had begun to feel lost," Advani told Mid Day.

"I sent that notice when I was annoyed without him, I had nowhere else to go. But I never thought I would actually lose him. The timing was really bad," she added.

However, Khanna's business manager rubbished her claims saying that, "The claims that she was living with Khanna are false. There were many people who used to meet him at his house. She was one of them, but certainly not what she claims today."

Shockingly, the legal notice also says that Advani was staying with Kaka as she wasn't aware of his relationship status and personal details.

"She was under the impression that he was single. Khanna promised to take care of her and now she has been left with nowhere to go to," the Times of India cited a legal source as claiming.

"She is a single lady who devoted the last 10 years to take care of Khanna and discharged all the duties of a wife," the source added.

According to the reports, Advani used to visit the ailing actor at hospital and was often seen accompanying him. Anita said that she was only 13-year-old when she was first introduced to Rajesh Khanna at his residence. She the niece of Ferdinand Emmanuel Marcos, the former President of Philippines.

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