Lalu Prasad Yadav
Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav accused railways officials for the Rajdhani Express accident.Reuters

Former Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav hits Central government for the Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express accident on Wednesday and accused the Railway Ministry for being careless at their job.

Yadav claimed that the Centre is "still busy in celebrating their win" and the accident was a result of their "gross negligence," according to Business Standard report.

He has claimed that today's accident is first ever in that region and the railway officials are responsible for not checking the tracks ahead of Rajdhani Express's arrival time.

"I have been the Railway Minister and I know that a pilot engine is run 30 minutes ahead of Rajdhani Express trains. This is done to check whether the line is clear and tracks are safe. It seems this was not done in this case and the accident happened," Economic Times quoted Yadav.

"This is a clear cut case of negligence by railway officials. I want to know why the pilot engine was not run on the tracks before the Rajdhani Express was scheduled to cross the area," he added.

Yadav expressed his grief over the accident and said that it is a big loss for the Railways. Rajdhani Express was reported to have derailed at Golden Ganj station near Chapra at around 2:15 am. Five out of 12 coaches including pantry car overturned after derailment, which led to the death of four passengers while eight have been reported injured.

Railways had suspected Maoists' hand behind the accident. Maoists has declared a strike on Wednesday in protest against the security forces alleged to have attacked the innocents in suspicion of helping Maoists, according to news reports.

On suspicion of Maoists' involvement in the accident, Yadav again blamed the Railways, which he said is responsible for the safety of passengers under any circumstances.

"The Maoists had announced the blockade and given prior information. If the accident has happened due sabotage, I severely condemn it, but at the same time the Railways should have taken additional precaution to thwart any such accident," Yadav said.

However, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been reported saying that it will be too soon to accuse Maoists for the accident.