AG Amid directorial "Rajathandhiram" aka "Rajathanthiram" has been premiered for selected few guests on Wednesday, March 11 and it has got positive reviews from those, who have watched the movie.

'NH10', 'Mahabalipuram', 'Rajathandiram', 'Katham Katham' and Other Films Releasing on Mar 13

"Rajathandhiram" is a heist film starring Veera and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles. Pattiyal K Shekhar, Darbuka Siva, Ilavarasu, Ajai Prasanth and Aadukalam Naren in the lead roles.

A poster of Tamil movie "Rajathandhiram".IB Times India

The movie has Sandeep Chowta's background score with GV Prakash composing songs for the Tamil movie. "Rajathandhiram" has drawn the audience attention with its unique promotions. Several celebrities unveiled the posters and teasers on Twitter.

Samantha, Simbu, director Venkat Prabhu, Premji Amaren, Kreshna and Khusboo had launched teasers involving supporting cast and this promotional activity had become a talk of the town.

Arjun (Veera), Deva (Ajai Prasanth) and Austin D'Costa are small-time thieves, who con people in their unique styles. What happens to them when they team up for a hig-risky heist is the main storyline of "Rajathandhiram".

The performance of the important cast is the big highlight of "Rajathandhiram". Technical departments have taken the film to a new level. Below, we bring you the reviews:

Ramesh Posted
Watching a spl preview of #Veera - @ReginaCassandra 's #RajaThanthiram
Jus watched #Rajathanthiram - Fantastic Con Thriller.. Interesting screen play.. Good job by #Veera, @ReginaCassandra and rest of da cast..
#Rajathandhiram [3.5/5] - A Well made con heist thriller that keeps u engrossed from the beginning to end.. An unpredictable screenplay..

Esakki Muthu Wrote
Watched #Rajathandhiram superb screenplay...
#Rajathanthiram very tight screenplay. Running time just 2 hours. Loved it so much..

@ReginaCassandra #veera. Congrats 4 giving a wonderful treat #rajathandiram.. super climax..

Latha Srinivasan Posted
#Rajathandhiram review - 3/5 - good con heist film! Fab job by Veera, @ReginaCassandra. @DarbukaSiva shines. must-watch film by dir amit 1/2
#Rajathandhiram review - no masala, no songs. just pure engaging cinema. Hope Veera does more films like this. Congrats @sveeraasamy 2/2

Haricharan Pudipeddi Posted
#Rajathandhiram is easily the best Tamil film I've watched this year thus far. Excellent heist thriller. Thoroughly entertaining. Go for it
#Rajathandhiram Dir @A_G_Amid has duly avoided all the clichés associated with the heist genre. Some solid writing and performances

Sreedhar Pillai Posted
#Rajathandiram – 3.25/5. Taut well written con heist grabs ur attention till the end, thanks to director Amid's script & perfect star cast.
#Rajathandiram – 3.25/5. What works, way story evolves & heats up. Veera has looks & making of a star Pattiyal Sekhar, Regina, Darbuka fab.
#Rajathandiram – 3.25/5. Liked Kathir's camera & SC's BGM. Downside Heist job looks too easy & unnecessary message in climax 4 U certificate

Surendhar MK Posted
#Rajathandiram: No namesake songs. No cringeworthy romance track. No bar scene. No schmaltzy. No saccharine-inducing climax. A new-age film.