Woman dragged in Rajasthan
Pedestrians try and stop car which dragged the woman in Rajasthan along with her two-wheelerYoutube screenshot

A CCTV camera in a shop in the tourist destination of Mount Abu in Rajasthan has captured a horrifying accident. 

The video from the CCTV camera purportedly shows a woman and her two-wheeler being pushed along the road by a car driven by a man who was allegedly drunk behind the wheel.

What is worse, the woman was pushed along the road for quite some distance before the car actually stopped and bystanders could come to her rescue!

Reports say the woman was hit from the back by the car and was pushed along the ground for a few feet till the locals came to the rescue.

After the car came to a stop, the locals extricated her from under the four-wheeler and took her to hospital.

Some reports have claimed that the woman and her husband were on the two-wheeler when the incident took place. 

Local reports have also claimed that as many as six people were injured in the accident, and the woman dragged along the road was just one of them. 

Watch the video here: