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The panchayat in Rajasthan's Dholpur district has banned girls from wearing jeans and tight clothes or using mobile phones saying it affects the dignity of the Indian society as wearing jeans or using cell phones is a part of western culture.

The panchayat met in Dholpur's Baldiyapura village on Saturday, July 1, to discuss issues pertaining to alcohol prohibition, betting and gutkha consumption. But it ended up deciding to curb the freedom of girls be imposing a ban on them wearing jeans or keeping mobile phones. It also decided to refer all matters of dispute to the panchayat first and not the police.

"The panchayat was held in the village on Saturday on liquor prohibition, betting and use of gutkha. In that, alongwith liquor prohibition, betting and stopping the intake of gutkha, it was also decided to curtail the wearing of such clothes and use of mobiles. Everyone agreed over the order issued over mobile use," Phauran Singh, the panchayat head was quoted  by India Today as saying.

"The panchayat that happened in the village happened for the benefit of the society and have taken the vow to disown liquor, betting alongwith other evil practices of the society. Along with that, the ban imposed on daughters of the village for wearing jeans and carrying mobiles is a good thing. It will make the village better. The decision to keep the matter before panch patel in case of a dispute is also right," Jagdish, a villager, said.

The meeting had originally been convened to decide on prohibition of alcohol as there have been protests across Rajasthan seeking a complete ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol. Besides, curtailing the freedom of girls, it was also decided that a fine of Rs 1,100 would be levied on anyone who is caught drinking or selling alcohol. A cash prize of Rs 500 would be given to those reporting the sale and consumption of liquor by citizens.

It was also decided that any matter of dispute would be first brought to the panchayat and not the police. If the panchayat is unable to solve the problem, then only the matter would be reported to the police.