man urinates against a wall
The Health Minister of Rajasthan was caught urinating on a public wall. [Representational Image]SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images

Rajasthan Health Minister Kalicharan Saraf was recently caught on camera urinating publicly on a wall at his constituency in Jaipur. The photo of the minister went viral on social media, but Saraf justified his action by saying that it is 'not a big issue' and denied discussing the issue.

As soon as social media pounced upon the minister for his action, Congress wasted no time to join the bandwagon. Raghu Sharma, a Congress leader from Ajmer, has asked the minister to apologize for his actions publicly.

"The government talks about Swachh Bharat Mission but its health minister here in Rajasthan is caught urinating in public. The government should be ashamed and must publicly apologise," Raghu was quoted by ANI.

Congress' Rajasthan unit vice-president Archana Sharma has also condemned Saraf's action of urinating in public by calling it 'shameful' as it sends a wrong message to the society. She even claimed that this is not the first time that Saraf has urinated on the road. According to the IANS report, Sharma further added that while they were travelling together during the Dholpur by-polls in the past, he had allegedly tended to nature's call on their way.

While the Jaipur Municipal Corporation is said to be working around the clock to keep their 'Pink City' clean and garbage-free, such acts by prominent figures do not do justice to the Clean India mission. This also comes at a time when the government of India spends crores of money to achieve an Open Defecation Free (ODF) India by constructing public toilets in cities across the nation.

Here is how the Twitterati reacted to the picture of the minister urinating in public: