Wine drinking moderately is healthy for you
Wine drinking moderately is healthy for youIANS

Numerous researches have been done over wine in different parts of the world, and amazingly unbelievable results were revealed about it. According to several such studies, when consumed moderately, it proves to be a boon for your health in many ways. So for all those who have made it their habit to consume a little wine every once in a while, Cheers! And in case you are a non-drinker, after knowing all the good things wine can do to you, you might probably give it a second thought to make some space in your glass.

Here are some wonders wine does which you probably didn't know about:

1. This fermented drink is a stress buster!

Remember those times when you are exhausted and depressed? Thinking about what to do to change your mood? Now you know! Just pour yourself some wine as it helps in keeping gloominess and stress at bay. As per a research, people who consumed two to seven glasses of wine every week were found to be more relaxed compared to others.

2. Provide your teeth with some extra germ protection

Wine helps in improving your oral health by guarding your teeth from bacteria. It's found that red wine got antiseptic properties and it aids in depleting the existence of germs in your mouth.

3. Wine got antiseptic properties

Getting small scars and cuts is a part of our lives, and to avoid it from getting infected all you have to do is wipe it with some wine using a piece of cloth or cotton. Wine has the ability of healing the wound as well as preventing it from recurring.

4. Take care of your eyesight with a toast!

A research conducted on mice by Washington University School located in St. Louis revealed that wine improves eyesight issues related to old age and even diabetic retinopathy (a condition in which eyes get affected due to diabetes complication).

5. Elongate your lifeline with moderate consumption of wine

A Finnish study conducted over a long period of 29 years on 2,468 men stated that the mortality rate of these wine drinkers was found to be lower when compared to those drinking other alcohols or beer.

6. It makes your heart stronger 

Wine even perks up your heart health and lessens the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases when compared to non-drinkers. Wine may also prevent blood platelets from sticking and that lowers clot formulation and avoids the risk of heart attack. Also, it betters the blood flow.

7. Multiple health benefits

Drinking wine judiciously depletes the chances of getting diagnosed by colon cancer as well as cataracts. Another study conducted by Columbia University revealed that wine declines risks of having brain dysfunction.

8. It's an anti-ageing beverage

Enough of applying beauty creams and other products to stay young. A research conducted by Havard Medical School proved that wine intake slows ageing. It was also found that wine contains a compound called resveratrol, which improved the health of a mice which was experimented on.