Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege recently received a new Velvet Shell update that brought two new G.E.O. Operators, Jackal and Mira. However, the update brought glitches to the game.

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Ubisoft on Sunday claimed that it "resolved" the PS4 issues following a quick emergency maintenance. Players were advised to restart their consoles.

Ubisoft added a "a new script" that would allow the Rainbow Six Siege team to "better manage server load at peak times," but it also caused inconvenience to players, where some players experienced "error when logging in" and they were unable to "connect to Ubisoft Servers."

Apart from the two Operators, Velvet Shell update also added a new free map, called Coastline, set in Ibiza.

The new update brings several changes and fixes. It also adds new weapon skins (including Chupinazo, El Dorado, Leon Furioso and Crossfader) and a personalised play button.

Here are some of the known issues in the game shared by Redditor Its_Epi:

Known Issues


  • Mira's Black Mirror Device can be triggered from the front.
  • Exothermic Charges/Hibana Pellets/Gadgets/Players can be destroyed through the Black Mirror via melee attack.
  • Rank Charms clip through Mira's hand on the Vector.
  • On some walls, there is a small gap between the Black Mirror and the wall.
  • Jackal cannot see the red light from active cameras while his Eyenox device is active.
  • Mira is sometimes able to place her Black Mirror Gadget on barricaded doorways next to Reinforced Walls.
  • In some instances, the canister that expels the glass on a Black Mirror cannot be interacted with.
  • The Black Mirror does not always pass through both layers of a two layered wall.
  • The Black Mirror can be partially covered when placed between a large and small reinforced wall.
  • The Black Mirror can be deployed on non-LOS walls.


  • Optics are larger. This is due to the normalization of the weapon optics and their distance from the camera.
  • C7E is not firing in alignment with weapon sights.
  • Sight on the SAT Sidearm is not properly aligned. Rounds land below the top of the front sight post.


  • Some headgear appears to have muddied/softened textures.
  • Rook and Doc share the same Red Crow headgear.
  • Diamond Weapon Skins are not currently available in the store.
  • Obsidian Weapon Skin is not able to be applied to Year 2 Pass Operators.
  • Aki No Tsuru weapon skin is not properly rendering.
  • Holiday weapon skins cannot be applied to weapons.
  • Weapon Charms are able to be equipped to weapons, but are not displayed in game.
  • Kapkan Elite skin sleeve is sometimes not properly rendered.
  • Diamond Skin not available for Year 1 Operators.


  • Hibana Pellets have a graphical glitch when used on Coastline.
  • Hibana's X-KAIROS Pellets do not properly detonate after being triggered.
  • X-KAIROS Pellets do not fire properly around corners.
  • On some windows, when a Fuze charge is placed on a barricaded window with unbroken glass, it will be destroyed after the first charge is fired.
  • Yokai Drone camera resets after leaving the drone control view and re-entering it.
  • Fuze loses control after detonating a second Cluster Charge while using his shield.
  • Gadgets cannot pass through objects that had glass that was destroyed.
  • Players are not able to place gadgets on a Castle Barricade when the window debris is still present.


  • Players are sometimes locked to a distant camera angle when loading into a match. (Workaround: Do not press the dashboard button on console or alt-tab on PC during the winning showcase.)
  • In some instances, a player will spawn in while looking through a drone, and will not be able to control their Operator.


  • HUD sometimes flickers on PS4.
  • PS4/XB1- Unable to interact with the scoreboard.
  • Some items in the store are displayed as a magenta block.


  • Cross-region PS4 parties are being split up in the matchmaking process.
  • Following a server outage/back end maintenance, players may receive 0 Renown/XP. (This issue is short lived, and is corrected after the scripts finish running 10-15 minutes after an outage/maintenance.)


  • Spectators sometimes see the wrong Operator info when viewing teammates.
  • Limbs clipping through reinforced walls.
  • When players are spotted by Cameras, they can see/hear the ping as well.
  • "Heavy breathing" from DBNO state persists after being revived.
  • A section of Clubhouse is accessible via clipping.
  • If a player takes damage while reviving a teammate and then cancels the revive, their weapon will disappear. This persists until you switch weapons.
  • Triple monitor display configurations are not longer functional.