Mahesh Vitta, Rahul Sipligunj and Himaja Reddy
Mahesh Vitta, Rahul Sipligunj and Himaja ReddyTwitter

Once again, the elimination time for Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 is back, and it is time for one among the three nominated people to walk out of the house. The new promo of Bigg Boss has increased a lot of excitement and curiousness among the audience. Because looks like the elimination of this week is going to be something special and different from the earlier ones.

In the latest promo, we can see host Nagarjuna saying that this weekend, there is going to be double elimination in this week. Mahesh Vitta, Rahul Sipligunj and Himaja are the nominated contestants. Nagarjuna made it clear in the promo that one will be saved and two of them will be eliminated from the show. After listening to this, all the contestants remain jaw dropped and shocked.


Till now, this kind of elimination has happened. Two people being evicted from the show in the same week is definitely a shock to the audience and contestants as well. If this happens, only 8 people will be left in the house and the game is going to get tough and stronger with each passing day.

In the same promo, one contestant is seen leaving the house, the rest of them are bidding farewell to him. While the promo hides who that person is, we can see that Mahesh and Himaja are two among the ones who are bidding farewell with others. So it is understood that Rahul Sipligunj was evicted from the house and that is what the promo indicates at.

In the last part of the promo, we can see Punarnavi Bhupalam crying and wiping her tears. Also, to Nagarjuna, she said, "Whom will I scold from now, Sir? He is a really close friend of mine." This promo so much says that Rahul has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. But we cannot say anything till the episode is aired and our dear Nagarjuna confirms it to us.