Every rough patch pushes us back to the ground, but it's also the chance to sprout again.

Rahul Mishra

Life is a roller coaster, a perfect blend of ups and downs, and just like a roller coaster, life comes with those uncomforting yet giggle-like moments, and such was the pandemic for digital marketers.

Many say that hard times mold us and trigger the inventor's nerve in us, and Rahul, a digital marketing professional, vouches for it after the covid-19 wave.

Rahul is a digital marketer in India, says it was inspiring to see entrepreneurial businesses grow, and finally, the digital sphere getting the recognition it deserved.

An unprecedented time such as the coronavirus pandemic has probably mentally harnessed us for all that may come, but it has also given the marketing a new touch; Mishra calls it "the pandemic marketing saga."

According to him, this 'pandemic marketing saga came with new hurdles and truckloads of experience. Everything from the offices to the mills was shutting down, triggering the dramatic shift of consumer behavior. From panic buying to businesses shutting down, all of it was unsettling.'

One thing in the middle of this chaos was only increasing- the digital sphere. Here's how Rahul says he grew professionally during the pandemic:


Some changes are here to stay, and the only way to overcome them is by re-carving your path. The ones who thought of digital space as a child's play reshaped their models and went entirely online for cost-effectiveness.

Be a Step Ahead:

You might not be as good as you think. According to him, being a step ahead in marketing comes from being on toes, something that many businesses fail to walk hand-in-hand with. During the pandemic, he kept up with the growing market trends and the industry changes, which helped him better his strategies- even in panic and confusion.

Every Step Counts:

What marketing strategies is your business following now?
What creative marketing tactics are you using that sets you apart from the bulk?
Is your marketing strategy going to last in the long run?

All of this is scary, but only panicking is not going to help either. Planning the next step in a situation filled with chaos is the real deal, says a digital marketing specialist.

It's still uncertain when we will emerge from the covid crisis. Still, he says that understanding the factors that affect consumer behavior has been his consistent helping hand.

The crisis may come and go, but once you understand your customers, there's no going back, and that's what the pandemic helped us revise, he says.