Reality show star Rahul Mahajan never shied away from admitting about his relationship status. Recently, in an interview with a daily, the actor confirmed that he is dating co-star Amruta Mane.

Amruta and Rahul met in Kerala during the shooting of their bilingual film. "We got along very well on the set and it did not take much time to become friends. There is an amazing chemistry between us but again I am not jumping my guns to anything because I have seen lot of bad relationships. I am just hoping this relationship to turn out great. We have got few more film offers, so let's see what happens in the future," Rahul told in an interview.

Amruta, who belongs to a Marathi family, is also part of the glamour industry. Rahul went on to say that their chemistry is very positive, but he is not thinking of marriage right now as he is very cautious about this new relationship.

When asked whether he is still in touch with his ex-partners, Rahul said that he shared a good rapport with his ex-wives Shweta Singh and Dimpy Gangulay, who recently got married, even after divorce.

"We were still in touch with each. In short, there are no hard feelings with my ex-partners. I am very sure that if I will be in a problem, my ex-wives will be the one who will actually come first to help me. We had our differences but at the end this is what life is all about. We learn from our mistakes and keep moving in our lives. I am very positive for my new relationship and hope all goes well in coming days," he added.