Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi at the Nepal embassy.Twitter

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is a social media favourite, whether he is taking on the ruling BJP government in the Parliament or taking the train to meet farmers in Punjab. 

On Friday, Gandhi's goodwill gesture of visiting the Nepal embassy in Delhi, to pay tribute to the victims of the earthquake that hit the country last week, soon turned into another blooper for the Congress leader, as he was caught 'copying' the condolence message from his cellphone. 

News channels showed Gandhi sitting down to write a message in the visitor's book in the embassy on Friday, and he was seen looking into his cellphone to reproduce text that he may have written beforehand. 

The message Gandhi wrote for the Nepal victims was -

"Over the last week the world has watched in horror as the true scale of the tragedy in Nepal unfolded before us. Some wounds will never heal, but as Nepal begins the hard task of rebuilding each broken life and broken buildings, the people of India stand with you in strength and solidarity. In the years to come we will see a stronger, more prosperous, even beautiful Nepal whose unconquerable spirit will rise above the present despair and inspire the world."

While Gandhi did no wrong in reproducing a pre-written message from his phone, Twitterati took no mercy on the leader, and the hashtag #PappuCantWriteS***a instantly became a top trend on Twitter. 

Here are some of the tweets that trolled Rahul Gandhi, yet again.