Rahul Chahal
Rahul ChahalPR Handout

Rahul Chahal may not be a household name as of now, but with passing time, he is likely to emerge as a biggie in the music industry.

He is a video director and owns a music-making company called TDOTFILMS. Brought up in Toronto, Canada, he always wanted to be a part of the creative industry which is surrounded my music.

Since his childhood, his interest in reading comics and books helped him visualise and master the art of storytelling, which soon fixed his direction in his career. He ended up entering the music industry experimenting with different sorts of music with people of different nationalities.

Rahul's career in music started in Melbourne Australia when he made his first music video called My Sweet Love in the year 2014. Soon he was in India with two more videos known as Degriyaan and Pendu Korma with Indian musician - Bhupinder Gill.

Since then it was no looking back. He moved on the path of music making and soon embarked with his own company TDOTFILMS in Canada which has its presence in India and other places.

He is known to shoot videos with different cameras from brands ranging from Sony to Arri and RED. He is also known for uploading his videos on Vines and YouTube. Working with people of different nations and music, he developed a good knack of creating some cool blends in music under his own banner called TDOTFILMS.

He makes music and songs in several languages and has a decent fan following on social media as well. His recent work includes the music video called 4 am with Brown Boys Records where he gave his voice. His role is not limited to creating music but also extends to writing and scripting the songs, doing other creative work for the same.