Ragini Dwivedi's wardrobe malfunction pictures from the SIIMA (South Indian International Movie Awards) were leaked earlier this year and created a big controversy. Now, she is on headlines for a similar reason.

Well, Dwivedi's yet another picture has been leaked. The glamorous actress, donning a two-piece bikini, has surfaced online and is creating buzz on social networking sites. The buzz says the actress' photo is from her forthcoming Kannada movie, "Shivam", which was earlier titled as "Basavanna".

In the photo, the actress is seen in the swimming pool and the picture is of poor quality. It appears that the actress was getting ready to shoot a bikini scene. The leak is reportedly a handiwork by someone on the sets of "Shivam".

Ragini Dwivedi
The leaked picture of Ragini Dwivedi.IB Times India

Earlier this year, the actress created news when her wardrobe malfunction photos taken during a performance at SIIMA 2012 had hit the internet. But the timing of the leak had taken everybody by surprise as those snaps were taken a year before.

Nonetheless, she admitted that those were her photos and it was an attempt to tarnish her image.

However, it is not the first time that she has donned a bikini. Earlier, she was seen in swimsuit in a few movies, including Upendra's "Aarakshaka".

"Shivam" is directed by Srinivasa Raju of "Dandupalya" fame and produced by CR Manohar. Upendra, Saloni and Dwivedi are playing the lead roles in the Kannada film.