Ragini Dwivedi
Moments before Ragini Dwivedi suffered the wardrobe malfunction.SIIMA Official Website

Ragini Dwivedi, for the first time on TV, has spoken about her infamous wardrobe malfunction. The Kannada actress' shocking pictures were leaked on internet and on chatting platforms four months ago. Now, she has opened up on the issue on a special interview on Saturday, 11 October.

The "Veera Madakari" actress was on Suvarna News' show "Nanu" hosted by Suguna. It is a new show, in which the guest will play dual roles of an anchor and the guest. Ragini Dwivedi was in the show and without any hesitation she talked on various issues including the wardrobe malfunction episode.

In her words, Ragini Dwivedi said, "I'm speaking about it for the first time on TV. I don't know who is behind this. All I say that actors are prone to such mishaps and I too suffered the wardrobe malfunction. We all are humans and we commit mistakes."

While performing at the SIIMA (South Indian International Movie Awards) in 2013, Ragini Dwivedi had suffered the wardrobe malfunction. But the timing of the leak shocked everyone as it had hit the social media only nine months after the photos were taken.

She expressed her wonder over the person's ability to do research and leak it on WhatsApp."The person has put in a lot of hard work to it and to create a controversy. But I only wish that he could have put the same energy on some useful things, which could have been profitable to him," Ragini Dwivedi claimed on the show.

The actress did not forget to thank her fans and friends in the industry and the media, who stood by her during the critical phase. However, the highlight of the interview was that like other celebrities, she did not claim that those were manipulated photos or deny that it was not she in the picture.