Raghav Sharma

Isn't it surreal to know and read more about all those people and professionals who, in ways, more than one, choose to cross the boundaries and create a name for themselves in their chosen sectors in the way they desire? This may sound too easy and achievable, but some may even take years to climb the ladder of success and may even lose hope along the way; however, a few other success stories prove otherwise. To serve as one of the examples of one such man is Raghav Sharma, whom the world knows as the Mr. India Worldwide 2012. He had stood as a winner of this coveted title a decade ago, and in these years, he has lived up to this title by the kind of work he has offered with his relentless drive to the modelling and the entertainment industry as a self-made man.

What has created more buzz around him is his debut at the 75th Cannes Film Festival this year. Reports suggest that he will be making his debut at this prestigious film festival that every year makes headlines for multiple reasons, be it the fashion game of various celebrities, the films they come to support, or the screenings of their own films. It serves as one gala event that sees the who's who of the global film and entertainment industry, filled with fun, excitement, and much fanfare. Among the many Indian celebrities who would be gracing the Cannes this year, Raghav too would be debuting as a guest this year. The 75th Cannes Film Festival is scheduled to take place from 17th May 2022 to 28th May 2022.

He has even proved his excellence as an artist and filmmaker and can't hold his excitement as he is expecting to meet many other rising and established writers, actors, directors, producers, filmmakers and others from the global film and entertainment industry at the Cannes. He believes that Cannes give artists like them the opportunity to meet, network, and discuss new ideas and visions on filmmaking and also leads to promising new projects. He is the one who studied at the London Film Academy and has continuously honed his skills in the film world to create projects that could help him stand apart from the rest. The fashion and the modelling space already know him, and now the Delhi-guy is also making his name prominent in the film world.

Recalling his experiences a decade ago, when he had earned Mr. India 2012 title, he says at that point in time, since he was just starting, he had no idea how he would take things forward, but having the right kind of passion for films, filmmaking, the process of creating something and feeling the passion for doing all of this helped him pave his own path to success.

He had already created fame with his previous works in the form of short films like "Sinking India," "Dawn & Dusk," & "Why Me?". Sinking India was one film that was highly lauded at many film festivals and even won the Russian Film Festival Award; such was the impact the film had created on the audiences and critics. Right now, he is looking forward to his upcoming feature film titled "Awakened Eyes," which is under pre-production and, by the year-end, will reportedly also go on floors. It will also be up for viewing at all international and national festivals in 2023.

Raghav Sharma can't wait to make his appearance at the 75th Cannes Film Festival 2022 and debut at such a prestigious event on a global stage.