Former world number one Rafael Nadal says he is "not this stupid guy" to stay stubborn and not make changes in order to improve his game. 

Rafael Nadal says he has made mistakes in his career and he does not shy away from accepting the fact of making mistakes. The 17 time Grand Slam winner says the experience he has gained for more than a decade has been vital. The Spaniard says it is vital for one to make mistakes. It gives an opportunity for one to learn from them.

"Like everybody, I made mistakes, I did things well, but everything I did, it was with my heart, you know, and believing that was the thing that works better for my tennis career and for my personal life, too," said Rafael Nadal, as reported by Tennis World USA.

"Of course, I make mistakes. I am not this stupid guy that says I will not change, never in my life (smiling). That sounds very arrogant from my perspective, no? Of course, I will change things that I will do. But experience is important, and at the same time is important to have -- is good sometimes to have mistakes, too, because you need to learn," the world number two added.

Rafael Nadal

Even though Rafael Nadal has dedicated most of his life to tennis, it has not stopped him from enjoying when he is away from court. Rafael Nadal says he has not missed a lot in his life.

"Probably, being honest, I am happy to have the chance to work very hard on the tennis court when I had the chance to work. But at the same time, I am very happy that I was able to enjoy my personal life outside of tennis, too, no? It's true I went partying, I went fishing, I played less than my friends, I was very focused on tennis, yes, but for me, tennis has been a very important part of my life but not everything," said Rafael Nadal.

"So that's important that I am 32, almost 33, and I don't have the chance that I missed a lot of things in my real life. That's something that I'm proud of," he went on to add.