Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal                                                                                                                                                                   Reuters

Tennis ace Rafael Nadal pulled a pretty good prank, starring in a hilarious video where he posed as a helicopter pilot, to scare potential passengers.

Nadal, who is currently sidelined due to a wrist injury, was challenged by football great Ronaldo for a poker "duel" at PokerStars. And the 14-time Grand Slam winner featured in a video by PokerStars, showing his bluffing skills where he gives innocent travellers the ride of their lives.

The Spaniard posed as a chartered helicopter pilot, set to fly couples over the island of Majorca, which is the world no.2's home.

The passengers are initially overwhelmed to see the tennis star as pilot, and Nadal tries to convince the skeptical passengers that he is capable of flying the helicopter.

The video turns amusing when the passengers are in the chopper, and Nadal struggles to turn it on and eventually asks for the manual. This frightens the passengers and makes them nervous.

The passengers then jump out of the chopper to save their lives. "Darling, darling, darling, get out," says one passenger.

Nadal then once again catches them on the ground to reveal it was all a prank.

Check out the video here: