Rafael Nadal
File photo of Rafael Nadal.Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Tennis star Rafael Nadal will marry his long time girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello this fall, as per a close source to the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

The source close to Nadal told Lecturas the 11-time French Open winner is someone who does not like to talk or discuss about this topic.

"A lot of people knew about the wedding, what's strange is that you did not learn about it before... He never speaks about it, keeps being the same easy guy that I first met 20 years ago.." a source close to Nadal said, as reported by Tennis World USA.

"The other day I was eating with him and he got up to take selfies with everyone who was approaching the table. We were like, Stop doing it, and he laughed, he is the most educated and responsible guy in the world."

As per the report from Marca, It was ¡Hola!, Magazine that first broke the news that Nadal will marry Xisca Perello later this year. The wedding is expected to take place in his hometown Mallorca, Spain in autumn.

A day after the news broke, Nadal was unhappy that it was made public.

"I'm not saying anything, it's already annoyed me that the wedding has come out in the press - you want me to ask about the wedding, right? I understand you have you work to do, but I'm not saying anything," said Nadal.

At the end of last year, Rafael Nadal told Essential Sports he cannot take decisions all by himself since he has a girlfriend now.

"I have a girlfriend too and I am not alone to take decisions.(sic)," said Rafael Nadal.

"You have to suit situations you know. Having family? I don't know, things are not easy to be predicted. At this age, I thought that I would have already been a former player and that I would have started a family."