A long-tailed macaque checks a milk bottle after drinking from it. [Representational Image]Reuters

A childless couple in Uttar Pradesh's Raebareli town has made their 10-year-old pet monkey the heir to their large fortune, making him the first "millionaire" animal in the area.

Brijesh Srivastava and his wife Sabista have willed away all their wealth to their pet Chunmun and have also set up a trust that will take care of the monkey after their death.

They adopted Chunmun 10 years ago, after its mother died in an accident. Chunmun's mother got injured after falling off the and "since then it has been living with us," Sabista said.

Brijesh and Sabista not only take good care of the animal, but have also got it married a few years ago. They throw a monkey feast each year to celebrate its wedding anniversary. "We provide a lavish lunch for the monkeys on that day," Sabista said, Deccan Herald reports.

They adore Chunmun so much that they even named their Shakti Nagar house after it. The house has been decorated keeping in mind the monkey's comfort.

Chunmun's room – a made-up cage – is arranged with all the luxury comforts that a man desires for. There is an air conditioner for summer and a heating system for winter.

Sabista and Brijesh, who married 17 years ago, owned a flourishing business, about an acre of land and the house worth Rs 70 lakh.