Dr. Sonal Mahalwar

Dr. Sonal Mahalwar is a radiologist by profession who is currently associated with Medanta Medi City Gurgaon. She has been a gold medallist during her post-graduation that she completed at Homi Bhabha University in 2014, and she got into it by securing an All India rank of 84.

She also completed her fellowship in Musculoskeletal Radiology from Harvard University Massachusetts General Hospital. Following that, she also worked in Ganga Hospital in Tamil Nadu, which is one of the most famous hospitals in the country in musculoskeletal radiology, where she says was fortunate enough to work with leading personalities from her field.

The doctor is currently pursuing artificial intelligence and machine learning from IIIT, Delhi and she aims to start a project that can help in early breast cancer detection.

Talking about the same, she shares, "I am an entrepreneur and am running my own Teleradiology company, by the name of Subspecialty Teleradiology Private Limited. I am the director of that company and my aim is to develop a tool for early breast cancer detection."

Sharing how it would work, she informs, "My set up is there in different parts of the country where the radiologists are not there so that we can get scans from those places in our software remotely and then can send back reports in half an hour. So, my aim is to set up this particular software so that it can help in early detection of breast cancer and save many people from dying."

Dr. Sonal says she wants to utilize her knowledge and experience to build something that can help in the betterment of society.