Radiohead have disappeared completely. But before your imagination starts running wild, we must tell you that neither has the band been abducted by a UFO, nor have they denounced their worldly possessions and run off to the Himalayas. They have just erased every bit of their online presence.

If you visit now, all you will see is a blank page. The band has also deleted every piece of media from their Facebook and Twitter handles; that includes photos, videos, tour dates, posts and tweets.

This stunt by the band comes right after they delivered a note to select fans via mail and email. The note reads: "Sing the song of sixpence that goes/Burn the witch/We know where you live." (See below)

While some might wonder if there is something hidden in the message, the whole scenario is probably a stunt pulled by Radiohead to create a buzz around their ninth studio album which, according to the band's manager Brian Message, is set to release in June.

The band is known for its unusual promotional activities before their album release. Before the release of "King of Limbs," Radiohead's eighth studio album, frontman Thom Yorke handed out newspapers themed on the band at record stores.

While Message may have announced that the band's ninth studio effort will release in June, this stunt has sparked speculations that it will come out sooner than expected. A world tour, starting with a concert at Amsterdam on May 20, is also on the cards for the band. So shall we see the album releasing before that? We will have to wait and watch, won't we?