A member loyal to the ISIS waves the flag in Raqqa
A member loyal to the ISIS waves the flag in RaqqaReuters

While US and UK government are busy framing out military strategies to control ISIS in Iraq, the supporters of the Islamic State were recently seen on the streets of Oxford, London, openly promoting the ideology of the banned terrorist group.

The supporters of the Al Qaeda off-shoot, which has gained notoriety for its brutal executions, were seen calling on the people to support the self proclaimed Caliph of the Islamic State - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The ISIS supporters in London reportedly also distributed pamphlets that called on all to "spread the Khalifah [Caliphate] across the world."

The leaflet stated that it is the duty of Muslims from around the world to pledge "Bayah [religious oath of allegiance] to the Khaleef" and "obey the Khaleef according to the Shariah".

The ISIS propaganda pamphlet that listed out seven points also said that "all those who can migrate and resettle should migrate," as "Muslims with the help of Allah have announced the re establishment of the Khalifah."

Ghaffar Hussain, managing director at the Quilliam Foundation told Newsweek that the ISIS supporters, who were handing out the propaganda material were known extremists from Luton and could be associated with the al-Muhajiroun extremist network.

Hussain, based on the information provided by a source, revealed the identity of one of the ISIS supporters distributing the leaflets as Ibrahim Anderson, a white convert, who earlier used to go by the name Roger.

"This is a very disturbing development but one that should not come as a surprise since we are aware that around 500 British nationals have joined up with ISIS already," said Hussain.

"We need to have a zero tolerance policy towards ISIS supporters and recruiters in the UK."

Last Thursday, an ISIS black flag was hoisted off the gates of London's Will Crooks estate on Poplar High Street, the Guardian reported.

A journalist, who went to the site to photograph the flag, was harassed by several angry young Muslims, who yelled "F*** off Jew!" at him and threatened him.

Yesterday [12 August] an American-Jewish Investment Banker, Marc Leibowitz posted a picture that showed the ISIS Black Flag outside a house in New Jersey.

Similarly last month hundreds of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria supporters were filmed protesting and flying the Black ISIS flag in the Hague. The Dutch government since has made it illegal to hoist ISIS flags.