Radhika Apte has finally broken her silence on the leak of a sex tape from her forthcoming Hindi movie, "Parched." The actress, who is basking in the success of her movie "Kabali," has said that the leak has not affected her to a big extent, and has actually made her feel comfortable about her body.

Radhika said that this is the second time it has happened to her, the first instance being the leak of a nude clip of her from "Clean Shaven." Expressing shock over the questions that were thrown at her, the "Kabali" girl claimed on Barkha Dutt's television show, "The Buck Stops Here," that she was hounded for four days when the first clip made it to internet.

Radhika admitted that she was shocked when the clip from "Clean Shaven" went viral and could not believe that people showed no sensitivity of any sorts. "And he (the producer) sent me the clip with smiley faces, laughing faces. So I pitied him, and this time, to my surprise, I was just not affected at all," she said. 

The actress emphasised that she is calm and feels no reason to get angry this time. "The more it happens to me I realise that it is making me more and more comfortable," she says.

She also expressed her bewilderment over people's obsession with nude scenes. "If you want to see a nude body, just look at the mirror," Radhika Apte said on the show, adding, "'Parched' was the one film where I became more liberal about my own body and I forget the fact that I was not wearing clothes (while shooting). I did not feel any different." 

Radhika Apte's passionate love-making scene with co-star Adil Hussain from "Parched" was leaked recently and went viral on internet and social media platforms.