Radhika Apte
Indian Bollywood actress Radhika ApteSTR/AFP/Getty Images

Blockbuster hits, enchanting short films, rooted theatre, buzzing Netflix and social media feeds- she is everywhere. Do you ever think why there is not one actress of our times who wants to conquer them all and also, ace all those screens with peak numbers? Radhika is doing it, without any noise and that makes her the actress whose work speaks volumes.

As we await to catch her next on the screens, it is necessary that we look at how in a crafty manner, Radhika's different characters have created a nest in all our hearts. A hesitant wide to the enchanting Ahalya, the revolutionary Lajjo in Parched to Sofie in the worldwide blockbuster, Andhadhun- these are just a few of the on-screen magnetic roles that the actress has essayed.

Probably, to put it all together, it is in fact, surprising to find an actress as the face of some of the 'sick', (as the millennial language goes) memes of the year that were flooding all our social media. More so, these memes found an extension in the marketing tricks but some of the major brands which has made Radhika, the face of the year, literally with her 'omnipresent' self.

Radhika has become the resort to the younger generation who find the complex in the simplest and await the trouble in peace- exactly the irony that the actress addresses and brings to her characters. Having established herself as an actress of brilliance with the depth that she brings with herself along with the freshness, it would not be wrong to regard this woman as the woman who is not just commercially successful but also creatively.

To find belongingness in every character and keep the curiosity alive amongst the audiences with her pop- culture A-game, Radhika is acing it all- bundles of projects at a time. The Indie star the country was always waiting for.