The controversial, self-styled godwoman, Radhe Maa, was seen at a Nanded gurudwara in Maharashtra on Saturday, with reports suggesting that she was attempting to evade arrest. 

Radhe Maa is facing charges of inciting the in-laws of a Mumbai woman to demand dowry, while a Punjab man has accused her of harassment.

But, the self-styled godwoman has been in the news recently mainly because of some obscene pictures that were doing the rounds online. 

The 'godwoman' was seen posing in a mini-skirt in some photos, while a video showed her dancing in a garden. 

She was also allegedly seen "kissing and hugging" her followers. Her photos and videos made her a social media trend for several days on Twitter and Facebook. 

A Mumbai-based lawyer lodged a complaint against the 'godwoman' for obscenity and nudity and for cheating people. 

Following the controversy, religious authorities reportedly banned her from attending the ongoing Kumbh Mela in Nashik. 

Radhe Maa was in Aurangabad in Maharashtra on Friday, and she arrived in Nanded to evade an arrest, according to Zee News. The channel had also reported that she may be attempting to flee abroad. 

She was questioned by the Aurangabad Police for over an hour on Friday, ABP Live reported. 

She reportedly broke down before the press cameras early on Saturday, ANI reported. ABP Live said that she also lost consciousness while being questioned by the media.