In most Bengali households, one would find a portrait of Rabindranath Tagore in the finest of frames. Often considered as 'India's Leonardo Da Vinci', Rabindranath Tagore is a separate emotion for a Bengali household, where most people grow up learning 'Robindro Sangeet', his poems and his plays, short stories.

Being the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize in the field of Literature (and till date the only Indian to win a Nobel Prize for Literature)  he is national pride, but in a Bengali household he is a different emotion, and almost treated like an influential family member. 

Rabindranath Tagore
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Choker Bali

Rituparno Ghosh's Chokher Bali was one of the finest works of the director where Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was seen opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee. The script has some strong female characters such as Binodini, Ashalata. 

The script narrates the life of Binodini who becomes a widow at a young age. She becomes extremely envious of Ashalata, the dressed up like a decorated bride. The script talks about a time when modernism had not hit Bengali society. 


Satyajit Ray's directorial Charulata, till date remains one of the classics of Indian cinema. Set in the late 19th century it tells the tale of an educated, bride who finds solace in the company of her brother-in-law. As days go by she begins to fall in love with her brother-in-law, Amal. She emotionally fights to restrain herself from giving herself high hopes. 

Teen Kanya

In the year 1961, National Award-winning director Satyajit Ray directed Teen Kanya (Three Daughters) — an anthology of three films adapted from three short stories written by Rabindranath Tagore, The Postmaster, Monihara, and Samapti. This is the story of three women of three different age groups and their encounter with the world of men.

Noukadubi (Kashmakash)

Although, the film Noukadubi had been directed years after Rabindranath Tagore's death, in a very subtle manner, Rituparno Ghosh gave our beloved Rabi Thakur a cameo appearance. When a storm erupts in the ghats of Bengal, it leads to a boat wreck.

After gaining consciousness from the storm that caused wreckage, Ramesh finds himself in the company of a bride, who gains consciousness after being addressed as Sushila. The characters are not aware that the storm has caused a turmoil that's more personal, and has led to a case of misidentification in an era where there weren't any Aadhar identification.   


Mini is a sweet and talkative girl who develops an affectionate, daughterly, bond with a Kabuliwala who comes to sell dry-fruits to her. Initially, the Kabuliwala's physical appearance intimidates Mini, but soon when she comes to know the person, he becomes a friend. Meanwhile, the Kabuliwala gets arrested for murder and comes to visit mini after years,  who by then starts prepping to be a bride.