Emraan Hashmi's "Raaz Reboot," which was released on Friday, Sept. 16, has received a mixed response from critics.

The film, which is the fourth installment of the hit "Raaz" franchise, helmed by Vikram Bhatt, is a horror yet romantic movie. Besides Emraan, the film also has Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora in key roles. 

The plot of "Raaz Reboot" revolves around Kriti and Gaurav's characters, who move to Transylvania, Romania, but soon after the lady gets suspicious of her husband's past. Emraan Hashmi is playing Kriti's ex-lover who comes to her rescue. The story then unfolds as to how Emraan's character helps her fight the supernatural forces.

While Emraan has delivered a stupendous performance, newcomer Kriti managed to do justice to her role. The edge-of-the-seat moments will keep the viewers hooked till the end. Also, the suspense surrounding the film will give the audience chills down the spine. 

Critics say that "Raaz Reboot" has all the elements of horror, romance and suspense that would keep the audience hooked to the film. At the same time, the hauntingly beautiful romantic numbers like "Raaz Aankhein Teri," "Yaad Hai Na" and "Lo Maan Liya" will keep the audience enthralled throughout.

We bring you some critics' views and verdict on the movie. Check them out in "Raaz Reboot" review round-up:

Surabhi Redkar of Koimoi said: "The first half establishes the mystery well enough but the pre-interval twist is a huge give away of what lies ahead. A boring second half with the cat and mouse chase between people trying to contain the spirit is a complete yawn fest. Supernatural thrillers are not everyone's cup of tea and its high time Bhatt realizes that he has lost his mojo. Raaz Reboot is a classic fail at coming even little close to scaring you. I need to reboot my memory to have watched this!"

Namrata Thakker of Rediff.com said: "Raaz Reboot has the same old stuff that we have seen a zillions times. So unless you love watching horror films that make you laugh, stay away from this one."

Namrata Joshi of The Hindu said: "Nothing changes in the fourth of the Raaz franchisee. If at all the chills and thrills seem to run dangerously out of steam and some scenes turn out unintentionally funny. It's a simple story that gets needlessly complicated by the back and forth movement in time and some superficial talk of insider trading and the post-Lehman economy."

Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times said: "Raaz Reboot is a tough watch for close to 140 minutes. Great songs, but not enough to pull it out of the spirit's grip. Some initial scenes of arguments between Rehaan and Shaina are well written, but that's about it."

Tatsam Mukherjee of India Today said: "To be honest, Raaz Reboot is not a boring film. It is so unintentionally hilarious that they might as well have marketed this as India's first 'unintentionally-hilarious-horror-comedy with violins and sex.'"