Panic hit the makers of "Raaz Reboot" when stories of the film being leaked online surfaced. While Emraan Hashmi made an earnest request to his fans, urging them to watch it in theatres, writer-director Vikram Bhatt said that the links that have been made available for download weren't to the full movie but a clip. 

After, a handful of regular torrent site users weren't able to download "Raaz Reboot" online, they expressed their displeasure on social media saying that the makers pulled a fast one on them by making a huge deal out of a hoax.

Some of the tweets go as follows:

vinay damani: A new publicity stunt is to blame piracy for leak of their films leading example #RaazRebootLeaked ...some people only blame the net..

RK: #RaazRebootLeaked is nothing but a publicity stunt to kill the buzz of movie #Pink releasing on the same day.

Breaking Movies: if its a marketing gimmick, so sad makers, playing with emotions just for visibility/attention #RaazRebootLeaked

While Emraan and Vikram chose to remain tight-lipped about the matter, producer Mukesh Bhatt lashed out at the false allegations. He said he suffered an asthma attack after news of the online leak broke, adding that no one would ever pull such a stunt.

Check Kriti's stills from "Raaz Reboot"

"I got an asthma attack because of the fear of the film being leaked. Do you think we would resort to such cheap tricks? A producer can even die if his film is leaked online. Only a twisted mind can think that this is marketing gimmick. Why would we incur losses," Mid-Day quoted him as saying.

In other news, Vikram is not one bit pleased with the cuts demanded by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The board wants the scene, in which Kriti Kharbanda uses expletives 32 times, to be toned down a tad. The filmmaker, in a long Facebook post, asked how a possessed individual is supposed to behave appropriately.

"Raaz Reboot" will be released on Sept. 16, the same day as "Pink," and stars Gaurav Arora.