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Raajakumara is a movie that every fan of the Rajkumar family would love to watch again and again. There are ample references in the film to the late matinee idol of Sandalwood, giving goosebumps to the ecstatic fans occupying the theatres. The simple story narrated with emotions, comedy and actions makes it a complete family entertainer.

Siddharth, an NRI played by Puneeth Rajkumar, handles the business of his rich father in Australia. He has all the good things in life, and falling in love with salsa dancer Nandhini (Priya Anand) brings the feeling of completeness in his life. After minor confusions, their relationship is accepted by their families. Just when the story is heading towards a simple family-oriented film, the tale takes a twist. The hero's life changes with one incident and his remaining journey is about proving that he is the ideal son of his father, played by Sarath Kumar.

The reviews on social media say that Raajakumar is a complete family package laced with comedy and action. The well-written dialogues turn out to be bonus. 'Nam tande yavglu heloru...janranna alorige political power beku anta...naavu janaranna preethsoru..namge will power idre saaku...' (English: My father used to tell me, political power needed by those who want to rule people. We are the ones who love people, just will power is enough for us!) Dialogues such as these connect with the audience instantly and get viewers' applause. 

The role is tailor-made for Puneeth. He looks as young as ever and impresses viewers with his energetic performance, especially in dance sequences. The Power Star and Priya Anand's chemistry works big time. Sarath Kumar, Prakash Raj, Ananth Nag and other supporting actors take the movie to the next level. Among the technical departments, V Harikrishna's music stands out. His 'Gombe Helutaite' drives viewers crazy. Venkatesh Anguraj's cinematography is another highlight as the cameraman treats us with some stunning visuals of foreign locales.

The pace of the story slows down post interval. The portions about the orphanage drag a little. 

Overall: Raajakumara is a neatly made movie aimed at the legion of Raj fans.

Here is the audience response to Raajakumara:

Muhammad Adhil‏: #Raajakumara can't imagine anyone this role other than Appu who gives one of his career best http://performance.Rest of the cast
 #Raajakumara And how beautifully @SanthoshAnand15 have laced the off screen image of the Raj family into the story.End credits
 #Raajakumara Decent 1st haf and totally engaging 2nd.An eye opener topic for a section of todays youth said in an entertaining manner.
 #Raajakumara is nothing short of a treat for Rajvamsha fans and the family audience.For others its a gud entertainer sans for few melodrama.
 What a timing and what a song.Bombe HeluthaayitheHeart warming #Raajakumara
 #Raajakumara 1st haf : Unexpected and totally captivating interval portions.Hope it make use of this episode for the rest of the film
 #Raajakumara 1st haf : An emotionally captivatin 15 mins b4 interval makes up for a usual proceedings before that.Lot of scope for 2nd haf.
 #Raajakumara :On the flipside there are few melodramatic scenes in the second haf which cud have been handled better as it offers dull notes

S/o. SYED DASTAGIR: @SanthoshAnand15 movie is BLOCKBUSTER....Emotional scenes
 Puneeth dressing fights✔️ comedy✔️ #Raajakumara #PuneethRajkumar #Puneeth
 Direction DOP bgm Puneeth sir& @PriyaAnand jodi
 DANCE minus - BLOCKBUSTER #Rajakumara #Raajakumara

MoviePremigalu: #RAAJAKUMARA:Another clean FAMILY entertainer from #PuneethRajkumar to #KannadaMoviealovers,go & get connected to #RAAJAKUMARA
 #RAAJAKUMARA 2nd half:Emotional drama unfolds with a bit entertainment inbetween,yet @SanthoshAnand15 succeeds to keep #KML intact Rat:3.5/5

DpKaPrince: #Appu back! what a classic movie #Raajakumara family entertainer with values. festival treat for audience,Yes kannadakkobre #Rajaratna

Prajwal Ramesh‏: @SanthoshAnand15 Sir really loved the movie.. Appu acting his scrn presence and specially ur story and (Dialogues).grtns lies in simplicity.

A Sharadhaa: Greatness lies in its simplicity... and that's what Raajakumara.. a film that is a must watch with family. 

Priyanka: #Raajakumara... first half done... is there anybody who can match the dancing skills of #PuneethRajkumar?
 #Raajakumara.......@SanthoshAnand15 balances all the elements to hold ur attention

Sudhakar G Gowda: Day started with a Good movie #Rajakumara.. what an awesome concept in the movie.. Complete package Action comedy sentiment song dance everything ....Director Santhosh Anandkumar made Appu to come back well ...... :-)