Raai Laxmi to sport Bikini in
Raai Laxmi aka Lakshmi Rai to sport bikini in Raai Laxmi Twitter Account

Raai Laxmi, who was formerly known as Lakshmi Rai, seems to be walking an extra mile for her role in the upcoming movie, "Julie 2." Her latest project has turned out to be a physically demanding one for her as the actress has to gain and then lose weight for the same role.

The actress has revealed to the Times of India that she gained quite a few kilos for a couple of scenes in "Julie 2" as she appears as the girl next door. 

Now, Raai Laxmi has lost 10 kg as she had to sport a bikini later in the movie. "For the third schedule of the film, I had to lose weight again. I took break for about two months, and lost around 10 kilos. This portion involves me to be seen in a more glam avatar, sporting a bikini et all. These scenes will be shot in Dubai. We will also shoot few crucial scenes in Rajasthan, later," the daily quoted the actress as saying.

Raai Laxmi has not accepted any film for a full-fledged role after starting "Julie 2." The 27-year-old actress says that she is dedicating herself to this project as it is her landmark 50th movie. She added, "I had to put in lot of effort for my role, so, I refrained from signing any other projects for now. I agreed to the special number for Lawrence's film, 'Motta Siva Ketta Siva,' as it was just a two-day shoot."

"Julie 2" has been written and directed by Deepak Shivdasani. It is a sequel to the director's previous film, "Julie." Ravi Kishan, Yuri Suri and others are also part of the cast. The movie features Viju Shah's music, Sameer Reddy's cinematography and Asif Ali Sheikh's editing.

It will hit the screens on August 12.