Juan Pablo and Nikki
Juan Pablo and NikkiFacebook.com/TheBachelor

The upcoming episode of "The Bachelor" sees Juan Pablo joining the girls in their hometowns, and ABC has set up two special episodes, starting Monday, where viewers will get to see how he interacts with the families of the remaining four girls.

And, the promo of the show suggests that not all families are happy with Pablo. Buzz in the online sphere suggests that both Andi's and Clare's families are unsure about the Venezuelan soccer, who came on the show to find his true love.

Reportedly, Andi's father is not happy that she went on television to find love, and he is also not thrilled with the fact that Pablo is dating multiple women.

Nikki, too, appears tensed while introducing Pablo to her family, but they are said to have embraced him into the fold.

Renee introduces Pablo to her son and mother, and they hang out at her son's Little League Game. But the lack of physical chemistry between the couple suggests that Renee might not make it to the next level.

At the end of the hometown dates, Pablo will have to eliminate one from the top four contestants, as he continues his journey towards finding true love.

And from the looks of it, Nikki is sure to retain her spot among the top three.

Several fans of the show suggest that Pablo declared his choice in the last episode, when he introduced Nikki to his daughter Camilla and his ex, Carla, at their daughter's recital. Nikki was the first among the contestants to meet Pablo's child and his former partner, and for many viewers, the season is practically done now that Pablo has made his intention clear.

However, not many see this as a wise choice, especially as he is dating four other women, and being intimate with some of them.

"It's almost like it's all over because, if he chose one person to introduce to his family, [that's who he'll pick]," Desiree Hartsock, a former contestant on "The Bachelorette," said in a podcast about the previous episode of the show. "He would not have introduced her unless he liked her a lot," Des continues, adding, "I think it's a little unfair [to the remaining women]."

Is Nikki the best choice? Pablo has often gone on record to note that he is looking for a woman who will be a mother to Camilla, and not someone who will lose her cool easily.

But show insiders told the media that Nikki has been "mean" to the other contestants, and she is often fighting with other girls for Pablo's affection.

"Clare and Nikki are the two girls most obsessed with Juan Pablo," Classicalite quoted a source as saying. "They've literally become enemies over their feeling for him.

"Nikki didn't come to make friends...She was mean to all the girls...She's obviously made fun of Clare's weight--and Clare isn't even big.

"Those two will clash until one of them leaves."