Love for skincare prompted young entrepreneur Queenie Singh, to venture into what she calls the scientific-backed beauty market.

The model and former Miss India has been cognizant of the power of cosmetics all her life. More recently, beauty brands have been sending messages of inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment. However, Queenie says she realized the messages and products do not often complement each other. She now claims to be on a mission to create an accountable app that will provide consumers with advice and products that deliver the expected results. This app will be a one-stop destination for expert skincare guidance correlated with each individual's skin type, concerns, and desires.

Queenie says she and her team are tapping into key trends and reinventing popular products with more viability. One of the biggest opportunities she is tackling is the need for efficient formulas against pollution, monsoon weather, and any climate harshness. Home-made products are becoming a thing of the past, and Queenie is assisting in creating on-the-go, long-lasting, protective products for the demanding beauty buyer community.

Her app as per her, will suggest high-quality products and educate consumers on how to utilize them and how often for optimum results. There are also plenty of misconceptions among youthful buyers that her beauty app will address.

The app as per them is set to launch in 2021 and with today's health concerns, it will be an alternative for an in-person consultation.