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The trailer of the upcoming comedy film "Queen" starring Kangana Ranut has been unveiled.

Kangana, who was last seen in a bold avatar for "Krrish 3" will be seen going strictly plain Jane in her upcoming light-hearted movie.
The trailer begins with the protagonist Kangana excitedly preparing to get married with her boyfriend. The dreams of her "pehla shaadi" and "pehla honeymoon" however, crumble the moment she finds herself alone in a foreign land ditched by her boyfriend.

Lisa Haydon plays aide to a depressed Kangana aka Rani (Queen) as she tries to lighten her up which follows many hilarious moments. From the looks of the brief trailer, Kangana dons her role with utmost simplicity and naivety as a small-town, starry-eyed girl with a broken sense of humour.

The actress in the wild company of Lisa Haydon, is seen attempting to loosen up as she tries to accustom herself in an alien foreign land, London.
The trailer presents a sneak peek into Kangana's journey of finding herself amidst the marriage desertion crisis. The actress carries of the quirky yet lovable protagonist look with conviction.

Apart from Kangana and Lisa Haydon, talented actor Rajkumar Yadav also stars as the actress's husband.

Days ago, the first sneak peek into the movie showed a shy Kangana seeking advice from the public on how to proceed on her honeymoon.
Interestingly, some of the dialogues mouthed by actress in the film were penned down by Kangana herself, reports suggest. The character of Rani, as a girl from a small town happens to be the one Kangana could relate to given her humble roots and hence, she provided some inputs for her role, reported Times of India.

Watch the warm comedy trailer of "Queen":