RuPaul has certainly created more twists for Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2 than any of us would have imagined and the most shocking one of all will be revealed when Alyssa Edwards and the rest of the eliminated queens return for episode 4.

Alyssa, who was the last queen to be eliminated from All Stars 2, will return for her revenge along with the rest of her sisters in the upcoming Revenge of the Queens. However, the twist does not end there, but what that is exactly will not be revealed until the episode airs on Thursday, 22 September.

As part of International Business Times, India's weekly "Queen That Sashayed Away" series, Alyssa spoke to us regarding her journey on "All Stars", her reaction to the offer of revenge and everything else.

International Business Times: You are the queen who was brought back for her revenge immediately after the elimination. How did it feel to meet Coco, Tatianna and Ginger? Did you immediately start hatching a plan to get back at the remaining queens?

Alyssa Edwards: Hah! Well girl, you're going to have to watch this week to see what I did.

IBTimesDo you feel like your decision to go against the initial plan of voting based on individual challenges has any bearing on your own elimination this week?

Alyssa: I don't really feel like I went against anything. I took into consideration who had performed better overall. Katya had just won a challenge and I don't think Ru would have sent her home after one weak performance either. If I were gunning for the competition, based on performance, I would have eliminated her.

IBTimes: What did you think when you heard about Ru's plan to bring the eliminated queens for their revenge?

Alyssa: Oh girl, I didn't even know what to think. But I am still in the middle of my speech so don't count me out just yet!

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IBTimes: What was your reaction to hearing about All Stars 2 eliminations, in that not Ru but fellow queens will choose who gets eliminated?

Alyssa: I think it keeps the show fun and fresh!

IBTimes: Are there any queens you had hoped to see at "All Stars 2" and were disappointed that she was not there?

Alyssa: All of them! Hah! There have been 100 great queens on Drag Race so I was excited to see all of them.

IBTimes: Since the airing of your elimination episode, the hate against Phi Phi seems to have gone up by a few notches. She has even revealed on social media that she will be giving the reunion a miss. What is your take on the issue? Do you have any messages for your fans who are hating on Phi Phi?

Alyssa: Look, bullying on social media is always wrong. If you can't communicate with someone directly, there is no need to hide behind a screen and attack them. Especially when it has nothing to do with you!

IBTimes: What can fans expect to see from Alyssa Edwards in the near future?

Alyssa: You know, I feel like my life is a book that has been written and now it's being read. And I'm enjoying it.