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Amid this pandemic, while many would argue that the Buckingham Palace is probably the safest place in the country, the Queen herself seems to think otherwise. Leaving Buckingham Palace at the start of the pandemic, Queen Elizabeth has been relaxing at her country home in Scotland. And what's more? The royalty is in no mood to come back to the Buckingham Palace.

As per Sunday Times, this the longest she has been away from her kingdom and the palace. The Queen is currently in Balmoral Castle and would be returning to Windsor Castle from here. "There is a desire to get Buckingham Palace up and running again as a working palace, but only if all the relevant advice suggests that it is appropriate to do so," says a Cosmopolitan report.

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When it comes to the Queen, there is not even the slightest of mistakes with regards to her health and safety amid the coronavirus pandemic. Nothing is being left to chance and the Queen herself is taking utmost precautions to stay safe during this dreaded period. "No chances can be taken with the Queen and the Duke's health, so it's totally understandable. But the fact this move has been taken indicates there will be no change soon. The Queen will clearly be in lockdown for many months," said The Sun.

Prince Philip
Britain's Queen Elizabeth sits with Prince Philip during a visit to Whipsnade Zoo where she opened the new Centre for Elephant Care, in Dunstable, Britain April 11, 2017.Reuters

How is the staff managing her safety?

Once the staff tests negative for Covid–19, they stay for a week in quarantine. Only after testing negative, they are allowed to work for Her Majesty for three weeks. Post these three weeks, they spend two weeks at home and again one week in quarantine. The staff works in three shifts with utmost precautions and sanitisations being taken care of.