Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth IIReuters

Camilla Parker- Bowles may reportedly never be able to live her dream of becoming the Queen of England.

Post Princess Diana's death, the second wife of Prince Charles is apparently not Queen Elizabeth's choice for her heir. Recent reports suggest that Kate Middleton is much popular choice as the next queen.

Middleton and Prince William would sit on the throne when Queen Elizabeth decides to abdicate her throne, suggested the reports from the latest edition of Globe Magazine as per Celeb Dirty Laundry.

It is further understood that Bowles' drinking habit is adding to her woes. Bowles is said to often get drunk and terrorize her staff. She is even trying to get the staff to support her so that Queen can change her decision based on the royal staffs' choice.

Moreover, it is also being said that Bowles is happy with Middleton's scandal pertaining to the pictures of her bare bum and has presumed that it can work in her favor.

Though there is no confirmation from the royals' side that Queen Elizabeth would be giving up her throne, rumors of her abdication ripened when Spanish Monarch Juan Carlos abandoned the throne for his eldest son, Prince Felipe.

"I do not want my son to wither waiting like Prince Charles," El Mundo quoted Carlose, according to Vanity Fair.

Also, Queen Beatrix, 75, of the Netherlands, abdicated the throne, last year, passing the crown to her eldest son.

"It was not because the office was too heavy for me, but because the responsibility for this country should lie in the hands of a new generation," CNN quoted the Queen of Netherlands.

However, contrary to the reports it seems Queen Elizabeth wants to rule the throne till her last breath.

The 88-year-old royalty is not leaving her throne and will continue working, reported The Telegraph.

"Abdication put her father on the throne so abdication is a pretty unpopular word within the Queen's household," the site qouted Royal Historian Hugo Vickers. "The Queen will not abdicate because she is a consecrated monarch and she pledged to serve throughout her life. She doesn't have to abdicate - if anything goes wrong, she can have a regency like George III."