Queen Elizabeth II on her 88th birthday
Queen Elizabeth II death hoaxReuters

Hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world started to search for The Queen and Queen Elizabeth II after a bizarre online post that claimed that Her Majesty would die in the first week of January went viral.

On a message board of Reddit, a shocking claim was made that the 92-year-old would die on January 5, 2019. The post on Reddit got a record-breaking 50,000 upvotes with over 7,000 comments. As per a report, the original message on Reddit and the Redditor's personal account details were later deleted.

If this was not it then another Reddit user went on to calculate the odds of the Queen's death on January 5. As per the Redditor, the odds were 2,276- no greater than on any other day. Several users have made the meme around the death of the Queen in the light of the absurd prophecy. Some even stated that if the Reddit user's prophecy comes true then either he will become the star of "creepy predictions" or he would be hunted down by MI6 — British Intelligence force.

Other Reddit user wrote, "Plot twist, this is the queen's alt account and she's orchestrating all of this to fake her death and pass on the throne." While another user joked, "This is one of those posts that's going to be a part of a YouTube video called 'creepy unexplainable Reddit posts'."

Queen Elizabeth II

As per The Express, there have been no official reports on the Queen's health but Her Majesty has already increased her workload up to 25 per cent, which shows that the monarch is doing absolutely fine, despite death hoax.

At the same time, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson has confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II is absolutely fine and added, "We don't comment on these ridiculous things, but the Queen is absolutely fine."

Apparently, this is not the first time when a social media hoax about the death of Queen Elizabeth II has surfaced online. Back in 2017, the hashtag #mediablackout reached the top of Twitter's trends list in the United Kingdom. During that time, the Queen was ill, which caused her to miss Christmas Day services, which somehow took the shape of a conspiracy rumour.