Quantum Break
Quantum Break will be released in 2015.remedygames.com

"Quantum Break," the upcoming action-adventure video game from developer Remedy Entertainment that is expected to be released April 5 for PC and Xbox One, has been on the receiving end of fan displeasure, following reports that the game would run at 720p.

Remedy Entertainment has reacted to the reports and has released a statement to Inquisitr, where it reiterated that "delivering a compelling gaming experience" is the most important thing for the studio.

The 1080p output of "Quantum Break" is a temporal reconstruction from four previous 720p 4xMSAA frames. This approach gets us high pixel quality in combination with complex shading and effects, allowing us to achieve a cinematic look. However, varying sample counts between passes and temporal upscaling makes talking about resolution, as it is traditionally understood, complicated in the case of "Quantum Break," said the statement.

The developer further added, "Since the start of 'Quantum Break's' development, the most important thing for Remedy and Microsoft has been delivering a compelling gaming experience with superior artistic quality. This is what Remedy is renowned for. We're confident that we have achieved this, and can't wait to hear what fans think on April 5 when they play the game."

"Quantum Break" lets players play as Jack Joyce, who has the ability to manipulate time and save the future. The actions chosen by the players will result in how the game turns up.

The Inquisitr report also spoke about many people predicting a Day One patch for the game that would bring the resolution to 1080p, only to be turned down by the Thomas Puha, head of PR for Remedy Entertainment, who said in a Twitter post that "Quantum Break" players can expect a Day One patch that will only be bugfixes and the company has never spoken about an update to bring the resolution to 1080p.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, has said in a Twitter post to first try out the game before passing any judgements.