Kal Penn, Priyanka Chopra, Designated Survivor, Quantico
From the left: John Cho, Kal Penn and Priyanka ChopraGetty Images

Did Kal Penn just hint that he wants to make another Harold and Kumar movie but with Priyanka Chopra involved in this? Well, it sure seems like it.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Priyanka Chopra starrer Quantico and Kal Penn's show Designated Survivor is being cancelled by ABC. The actress plays Alex Parrish in Quantico (which is currently in season 3) whereas Penn plays Seth Wright in Designated Survivor (currently in season 2).

The Hollywood Reporter shares that despite Quantico being a profitable show for ABC, logistically the show was difficult to make given that the production took place in Toronto while the writers sit in Los Angeles, and creator David Guggenheim is based in New York.

Following the news announcement, Penn reached out to Chopra asking if she would be interested in a movie with him. Chopra took no time to reply to the actor and responded, "Done n done."

While it looked like just another Twitter interaction between Chopra and Penn, Penn reached out to his Arnold and Kumar co-star John Cho. "You too. Let's do this," he tweeted to the actor. The actor responded with the fist and writing emoji.

This was enough to drive Twitter crazy requesting for the actor for a Harold and Kumar movie. "We need more Harold and Kumar," "I vote for this," "If you need any brown extras I'd be happy to be in this movie," "Yes, please. Make it so," were some of the reactions. Some even shared a few ideas, "Harold and Kumar get rescued by Priyanka Chopra, and go to White Castle??" "Harold and Kumar Make America Great Again," were a few reactions.

For those of you who don't know about Harold and Kumar. It is the name of an American stoner comedy featuring Cho and Penn. The title, like The Hangover, had three movies. You can check out the trailers below:

In a recent interview to Esquire, Priyanka shared she wants to do more movies. "Last year I couldn't do that many movies. I did two though, even though my hiatus was just two months. I want to be able to do features. I want to be able to do Indian movies. I want to be able to do fun, cool things, with a lot of the philanthropy that I do. And producing, I produce so much," she said. Hopefully, with Quantico ending, fans will see her more on the big screen than the small one.