Indian soldiers on camels on the dunes in the Thar desert in RajasthanReuters

The India-Pakistan border in Rajasthan has been witnessing quite some activity in the last few days and it is now being said that a quadcopter was found in Jaisalmer district, close to the border. The discovery is said to have created frenzy among security officials.

The quadcopter was found in a field by a farmer in Nedai village according to India Today and was then handed over to the police. After an investigation, it was said that the quadcopter came with high-resolution cameras, due to which its presence in the Indian territory is not being taken lightly.

The District Superintendent of police Gaurav Yadav also confirmed that the quadcopter was found in the field.

Security concerns have already been raised at the Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan after it was found that China was helping Pakistan build permanent bunkers in the area. Images of these bunkers have been accessed by Aaj Tak and pictures show these structures being built in the region. About 350 of such bunkers have already been built and they are not very easy to locate as these structures have been erected using stones that cannot be spotted easily.

Defence officials are also said to be aware of these China-Pakistan-made bunkers as sources told India Today that Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has already visited these areas quite a few times to study the situation and see how prepared the forces are to handle an emergency.

India China border in LadakhReuters

Apart from the bunkers, Pakistan has also reportedly been building defence canals, swamps, and roads, which is a threat to India. Not just that, several officials have also said that the India-Pakistan border has also witnessed an increase in the number of Chinese troops deployed.

Amid these reports, China on Thursday, December 7, said that an Indian drone "invaded" the Chinese airspace and crashed. Beijing then went on to say that the People's Liberation Army had identified and conducted a verification of the drone. "India's move has infringed upon China's territorial sovereignty, and we are strongly dissatisfied with and opposed to this," Xinhua quoted Zhang Shuili, deputy head of the combat bureau of the Western Theater Command's joint staff department, as saying.

"We will fulfill our mission and responsibility and defend China's national sovereignty and security resolutely."