qraa men
Models promoting Qraa Men products.Courtesy: Qraa Men official website

Men self-care product company, Qraa Men, is in hot water for its sexist and objectionable marketing strategies. The company, which makes various hygiene and men care products, on Wednesday shared a series of pictures on Twitter, as part of their product campaign, which has attracted wrath both from the public and Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI).

In the promotional campaign, the company has used pictures of naked women with just strips of paper used to save grace. Took in various bold poses, the pictures have been used to encourage men to buy beard cleaning products from Qraa Men.

It is just not the pictures that many are finding bad in taste, but also the captions written on the paper strips covering women's bodies. The coarse language of the text along with indecent pictures of women have ruffled many feathers.

Qraa Men criticised for objectifying women

Expectedly, many on Twitter have called out the company for showing women in a bad light and using them as an object to sell men care products.

Surprisingly, the company, Qraa Men, has some big names attached to it as brand ambassadors. From Actor Gurmeet Choudhary, actress Mahekk Chahal to pilot and media influencer Gaurav Taneja are the face of the company.

qraa men
Actor Gurmeet Choudhary, among few others, is the brand ambassador of the company, Qraa Men.Courtesy: Twitter

Taking cognisance of the vulgar portraying of women in ads for product promotion, the ASCI said such portrayal is the breach of the agency code and that action would be taken against the company, Qraa Men, for depicting women in this manner.

"We have initiated "Suspension Pending Investigation" - Suo Motu action against the Instagram handle @Qraamen #vulgar #obscene," ASCI said in a tweet.