In the latest episode of BBC's "QI" Series M, titled "Middle Muddle", Stephen Fry talks about marmosets and cheese with guests and asks them the similarities between the two.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Stephen Fry muddles through the middle show of the middle series of QI with Aisling Bea, Danny Bhoy, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies.

According to the promo of the episode, Stephen tells the guest panelists about cheese and its various uses. He asks them to point out its one use that doesn't involve eating. Danny promptly replies that people say cheese when getting their photograph clicked.

Afterwards, he asks the audiences to name cheese in their language. The audiences include French, Danish and a Serbian.

When they finish replying, Aisling and Danny ribbing everyone by twisting the names they said in a humorous way.

Stephen also shows everyone a picture of Alan where he is in a French outfit with loafs of bread. He asks everyone what is common between cheese and marmosets — the shortest species of monkeys — and afterwards relates the similarities with the other names for cheese.

In the previous episode titled "Marriage and Mating", Stephen Fry made merry on marriage and mating with Jo Brand, Greg Davies, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies.

Stephen talked of marriage and how it is mostly about the mating that happens afterwards. He gave examples from ancient era when mating used to be the only cause of marriage.

Alan replied humorously to this that even today the reason for marriage is pretty much the same. When Stephen objected, he mentioned some witty and amazing examples that left the audience and the panelists in splits.