QHMPL Smart Power bank
QHMPL Smart Power bankQHMPL

Indian IT peripheral manufacturer QHMPL has launched its first ever power bank in India. Named Smart Power Bank, the device features a 7,800 mAh battery inside. The battery has a life of 300 to 500 times charge-discharge cycle and is compatible with all smartphones/Tablets/MP3 and other gadgets.

In addition to a massive battery capacity, it has a special RISC Microprocessor {Reduced Instruction Set Computer} for fast-charging and enhanced battery life. The RISC Micro Processor enables seamless integration into a range of different smartphones and gadgets. It auto adjusts charging voltage and power, based on different mobile phones.

Weighing just 178 grams, the Smart Power Bank contains a large capacity and high-quality li-ion battery that allows for safer and longer duration usage. It is also equipped with an intelligent digital circuit, which provides five layers of protection including overload protection, over charge, over discharge, over voltage and short circuit protection. It is easy to use and lightweight so that you need worry about the extra space or weight it will occupy.

Furthermore, with a small controller, you can switch between charging the battery and providing a USB power supply as needed, letting you to top up your mobile phone or MP3 with power via USB - wherever and whenever you need. To top it all, the controller can also turn the device into a mini LED pocket torch by activating a white LED light.

Offered in classic mosaic white colour, the Smart Power Bank comes with a six-month warranty, which also covers the battery. The product is available at all leading retail outlets and e-commerce websites for ₹1,490.