Qatar sociologist
The shocking video featuring Abd Al Aziz Al-Khazraj has received 7 lakh views on YouTube.

On one hand the whole world is talking about women empowerment, on the other hand, a sociologist from Qatar posted a video on YouTube showing how Muslim men should beat their wives. The viral video that has been doing the rounds on the internet features Abd Al Aziz Al-Khazraj.

The shocking video explains that a leader has authorities ''just like a company manager''. The video demonstrating - how to be the leader of the house and how to make your wife feel her femininity - was uploaded by Khazraj on his personal YouTube channel.

Watch the video here:

The video has received almost 7 lakh views on YouTube and has caused social media outrage. The sociologist was slammed by the people after which the comments on the video were disabled. Such videos will only promote violence in our society. Thus, we would request our readers to not promote this video.