Russia on Friday bombed a major strategically important Syrian city - Qaryatain, held by the Islamic State militants, according to Reuters.

It is reported that the area is heavily populated. More details of the bombing are still awaited.   

The Sunni terror group captured Qaryatain, located 130 km northeast of Damascus in August, after expelling the forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. Then last month, the Sunni terror group gave  an ultimatum to the Christian population living in Qaryatain to either pay exorbitant taxes, convert to Islam or leave.

Qaryatain is said to be a strategic town located along a road linking Palmyra with the eastern countryside of Qalamoun, north of Damascus. 

Russia carried out its first airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday ( 30 September). Since then the Russian defence ministry has claimed it has carried out dozens of bombing on Isis targets "day and night".

The MOD in a statement said that that it has destroyed Isis headquarters in the airstrike.  "Su-24M, Su-25 aircraft performed 8 sorties" to eliminate the Isis targets, the MOD said in a  press statement.

(More details awaited)