Qantas Airlines
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If an aeroplane's nose lands on places other than the runway, it is terrible news. But what if an airliner's boss's nose lands on a cream pie? Well, that is more a comedy, isn't it?

The audience at a business breakfast in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, witnessed such an instance recently. As Alan Joyce, the chief of Qantas Airways, was speaking on the dais, an older man wearing in a business suit walked straight onto the stage holding a cream pie. He caught Joyce unaware and rubbed the pie in his face and walked away without displaying the slightest of emotion.

The Qantas chief was initially stunned by the ambush but quickly went back to normal. He told the audience that he did not know the reason for such a treatment and then left the stage for cleaning himself up. His glasses were covered with pie pieces and he had to remove them while speaking.

See how it all happened here in this tweet video:

Joyce later returned to finish his speech and this time, he was without his blazer. He also asked his potential 'enemies' whether they have any more pie to attack with and if they have, whether they could get over with it at the earliest.

Joyce later told reporters that he could not identify the flavour of the pie he was hit with and that he is "not a big pie eater".

TV reports said later that the man who had committed the act had been apprehended.